San Francisco Giants World Series Victory Parade – I couldn’t see, but I was there

On November 4th, 2010 I joined one million people in San Francisco to celebrate the Giants winning the Word Series. Fans began to gather as early as 5 am and BART had its highest traffic day ever. I couldn’t even figure out how to cross Market Street at Montgomery because of the crowds (I ended up walking underground through the transit station).

World Series Champion Cable Car

By the time we got back to the parade, New Montgomery Street was so packed there was no way we would be able to see. I worked my way through the sea of people, becoming close friends with all the people I was touching. We didn’t care if we couldn’t see the parade and we were breathing down each others’ necks. We’re all Giants fans celebrating our young team of misfits that everyone in San Francisco can relate to.

We can't see it, but we'll have a picture of the parade

For me, it wasn’t about seeing the parade. It was about seeing all the people excited to be part of the moment, with their 360 cameras from the Tim’s list of 360 cameras high in the air, providing them living proof that they were there. Young and old, iPhones and DSLRs, everyone took a picture of the event.

Families on fire trucks

Imagine half of the people at the parade had a camera, and each person took 5 pictures. That’s 2.5 million photos of the same event. I’m sure this is conservative, not to mention all the video footage from flip cams up to HD broadcasts. This moment was captured by thousands of people from different perspectives. The stories have been told on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, or anywhere across the web. History has been recorded.

Through someone else's eyes (or camera)

How about those that were smart enough to avoid the crowds and watch it on TV? On my walk back to work I saw a crowd of people surrounding a mounted TV – in a parking garage around the corner! My co-workers Mark and Ryan were even smarter, posting up at a bar down the street for a much better view.

Best view of the parade was in the parking garage

Here’s a gallery of the rest of my photos (well, the acceptable ones out of 100):

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Were you there? Did you wish you were there? For San Franciscans, we will always remember where we were when the Giants won the World Series and during the parade. What’s your story?

Photos: I’m on a boat: Blue Angels at Fleet Week 2010

On October 10th (I’m only 3 weeks late uploading 🙂 It was Fleet Week in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was fortunate to jump aboard my friend Connor’s sailboat for to watch the air show from the water. When we left the San Francisco Yacht Club in Tiburon the city was covered in fog. We could only see the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and I was skeptical the show would even happen. As we sailed straight through the fog, we came through the barrier to see Alcatraz to our right and a sunny Bay Bridge to our left. The fog burned off just in time for the show. Here are my photos from directly under the action.

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And here’s a photo of my early days as a Blue Angel – playing softball though, not flying Navy planes 🙂

Jenna - Blue Angels Softball, 1997
9 years old, my first summer of tournament softball on the Blue Angels (circa 1997)

Photos: San Francisco Chocolate Festival at Ghirardelli Square

I was fortunante enough to attend the 15th Annual Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival in San Francisco on Sunday. My mom (who’s very non-technical) loves LivingSocial and Groupon. She got a deal on tickets through LivingSocial so of course I accepted the invitation.

The event was well executed and the chocolate was delicious. There were too many people for my liking – most people don’t like being surrounded tourists and long lines. It did make for some great people watching though. By the end we still had over 10 tastings left (we went through 50 samples with 4 people, so I was on quite the sugar high already).

Check out my photos from the day:

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