NaBloPoMo – Let the Blogging Begin…and continue

Once again, I attended a blogging conference and realized I need to get back to writing. The hardest part for me is execution: making time, developing an idea, and feeling like it’s worthy of posting. These are all really internal roadblocks and I feel like I continually write about trying to write.

My question to you: How can I get over this writing block?

My current path: While I’m starting late, I’m participating in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. The goal of this month, for me especially, is to get people writing everyday, continually posting content and sharing unique perspectives. BlogHer provides a prompt each day, which helps me get over my “developing any idea” hurdle. I’ve always struggled with the topic of my blog, and NaBloPoMo is helping me see that my topic will come, the first step for me is just writing. Luckily for me, I’m on a plane with no Internet right now so it’s the perfect time to start.

What I love about NaBloPoMo: It isn’t just me, reiterating to myself that I need to be blogging. I’m part of a movement, a community sharing personal stories and connecting through a common medium.

My challenge with NaBloPoMo will be keeping with the schedule, and not writing a novel for each prompt. Maybe the means I should stop here, considering my BlogWorld post turned into a trip down memory lane. At least I know I’ll have some fun reads 10 years from now, when I reflect back on journeys through the blogosphere and when I go and visit the world. Especially when I visit London, I heard they have these great elite escorts, I might have to try them out. I probably won’t write for each prompt, but I will try to blog consistently to keep the writing juices flowing.

Are you participating in NaBloPoMo? Share a link to your blog below, I’d love to check it out. If not, what’s you’re content strategy? I’ll be working on mine to make sure I continue writing past the month of November.

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