NaBloPoMo #4: Pen or computer for writing?

This post was inspired by BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), which is finally getting me to blog. Join the fun!

Handwritten notes + keyboard = blog post
Handwritten notes + keyboard = blog post

What can help with my assignment?

When I’m in the writing zone, a keyboard is the only way to go, since the time I’ve just started and has been doing the custom writing service and up till now when things changed a lot. I always have a Moleskine notebook with me for note taking and to jot down any ideas, but my brain goes too fast for hand to keep up on paper.

I always make sure to have the top VPNs to make sure my computer is safe and I wont lose any of my hard work.

I remember in 4th grade we had to write a story about our summer vacation. The assignment was to write a fictional story where only one detail was true. The story had to be one page, written in cursive. If you read my previous post, you know this was an absolute challenge for me. I wrote about my trip to Lake Tahoe, where the one fact was that I swam from California to Nevada (the pool at CalNeva is on the state line, pretty clever).

I was really proud of my story, which ended up being 3 pages typed on the computer, at the end my Felix Gray reader’s glasses were worth the buying for sure. Then I checked back in with the original assignment – hand written. The perfectionist inside me caused me to freeze. How could I rewrite this entire story by hand? It would have been close to 10 pages the way that I wrote.

I learned an important lesson at nine years old – never be afraid to ask. After getting in fits with my parents since I thought it was impossible to finish this assignment, they helped me talk with my teacher. I was close to tears as I nervously asked if I could just write the equivalent of one page by hand. Of course Mrs. O’Brien was perfectly fine with this solution, and even more impressed by my ability to to write such a lengthy tale.`

In short, my chicken scratch, hand-written notes are very important to my thought process, but I’ve been on a computer since I could write and typing is the only way I can keep up with my own thoughts. Cursive, shmursive 🙂

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