NaBloPoMo #3: Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?

This post was inspired by BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), which is finally getting me to blog. Join the fun!

I just pulled out my computer on my flight to Denver to start blogging. I love this time without Internet, when the only thing I can do on my computer is write with minimal distractions. I’m on an older United Plane and it’s a short flight, so there isn’t much entertainment to distract me.

I plugged my headphones into the armrest to see what’s on the in-flight radio to reduce any other external distractions. First song I come across is TLC’s “Waterfalls.” I love the nostalgia that comes from music from my childhood. This song came out in (1994) and I still know the majority of the words. “Crazy Sexy Cool,” TLC’s first CD was also one of my sister’s first CDs as we transitioned to this new technology, moving away from our cassette mix tapes we made on by recording the radio.

We used to pretend the lyrics were “Go Go Jason Waterfalls” and sing the wrong words on purpose. It’s still an inside joke between me, my sister, and my cousin. It also reminds me of our summers at our grandparents’ house in on Long Island. They had MTV, and we spent three weeks trying to see the “Waterfall” music video so we could be cool like our friends that were already immersed in cable TV and pop culture.

It’s interesting looking back at the history of music in my life, and how much technology affected it. From my first CD (Elvis Pressley – ask me to sing Hound Dog or Teddy Bear some time) to today where we can search any song on YouTube or Spotify and listen the original at any moment.

For fun to end this post, here’s my musical history:

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks cassette tape was in my walkman at all times
  • Recording songs on the radio to make manual mix tapes
  • Elvis Pressley 2 disc set
  • Backstreet Boys CD (we were later huge N Sync fangirls)
  • Master P “Make ’em Say Uhh” single (immediately shocked by the uncensored version)
  • Our first CD burner – took 2 hours to creating a mix from other CDs we had
  • Napster and burning hundreds of mixes of all our new music
  • Hours and hours of organizing music with ID3 tags
  • Bought an MP3 CD Player after extensive research – and reorganizing our ID3 tags
  • iPod Photo and having “ripping parties” with friends to share CDs before heading off to college
  • MyTunes in the dorms, sharing music over the network and making friends based on tastes
  • The end of Kazaa and Limewire – you mean I have to buy music now?
  • Pandora – streaming is the future, and you know what I like? No brainer
  • iTunes Genius – rediscovering what’s good in my 25 gb of music
  • Using YouTube to play any song that ever existed
  • Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and others automating my discovering and listening preferences

So yes, I can listen to music and write. Question is now, what’s next in music (technology and style)?

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