Recap from BlogHer11: Can’t stop blogging now!

Did I mention my sister Sara was there too? I'm the youngster incase it was hard to tell.

I attended my first BlogHer this weekend. I’m quite the event junkie (well I was when I had time) and I love the different experiences each conference and their community bring. Every minute of BlogHer was inspiring as I watched successful women share their stories, teach their lessons, and learn from others. The energy was always high and the rooms were filled with brilliance and estrogen. I met some great people and look forward to building on many conversations and relationships.

While I didn’t learn a lot of new skills, I really enjoyed all of the speakers in each session. Most sessions reminded me of what I already knew, so it was good to have the key points hammered home. The key takeaway for me is that I have to MAKE TIME. Whether it’s making time to blog, time to review, or just time for me, it’s important. I’m enjoying writing and I want to get back to photography, so I’m working on ways to consolidate time. Getting back to what I’m passionate about, and sharing my thoughts about it on the way. We’ll see where my blog goes from here…

Below is a recap of my tweets and photos from #BlogHer11, curated using Storify.


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