Help me practice and preach community building at the #20SBsummit

On a daily basis, I comment on blogs across the Livefyre network, interacting with the communities the authors have created around their content. I’ve learned so much from the writers, commenters, tweeters, facebookers, all about having conversations about the topics we love most. In my constant online interactions I often forget that I enjoy blogging and want to create a community of my own.

Don’t get me wrong; I definitely have an online community, but it does not center around my blog. I have met so many great people through Livefyre by commenting on their blogs, talking on twitter, and now I’m Facebook friends with a number as well. You know when the real community feeling kicked in? When I got to meet many of these great individuals at BlogWorld Las Vegas and New York and at SXSW. That’s when I realized these people are as cool as person as they seem online. Once you take the relationship offline I think it really solidifies and you create an even deeper connection.

So why am I writing about this? I know what it takes to build community around a blog, and I know that it’s handwork and time consuming. I routinely give advice on this topic, and I’m speaking about it at the 20SB Summit in Chicago this month. Along with Sami and Sara, we will not only discuss how to build community around your blog, but how you organize that community offline as well.

I’m not claiming to be an expert in blogging, this right here is me jumpingback on the writing horse, practicing what I preach. But do you know the best thing about participating in conversations on a variety of blogs? It’s everything I learn from others in the process. It’s from the questions you ask, the opinions you share, and the ideas you come up that help me do my job better and make Livefyre the best conversation platform around.

Let’s continue to learn from each other. I’m looking for questions and advice for how to build an active and engaged community on your blog. We’re all really excited to share what we learn with others at the 20SB Summit, which is why A Squared Group is giving me and 2 other lucky people free tickets to the conference!

How can you win a ticket to the 20SB Summit? Leave a comment here or send me a tweet with the #20sbsummit hashtag with a question or an idea for how bloggers can build community around their content. On Wednesday I’ll pick the best 2 comments as winners!

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