The Evolution of My Biography and Online Persona

When was the last time you updated your Twitter profile and avatar? I am 23 years old (wow, just typed 24 by accident, weird), and over the last 3 years I have had many different lives: lived in different countries, in the snow, in the country, in the city. My Twitter bio has changed from one thing to another, and now I’m trying again to fit my life int 160 characters. I recently chopped off 1 foot of my hair (donated it to Locks of Love), so my avatar probably isn’t too accurate anymore either.

I bet I have hundreds of accounts for hot new sites across the web, the majority of which I creating throughout the last 3 years during my always changing passions and windy career path. I just created my Google+ account, but I haven’t taken the time to populate my circles, post any photos, or…update my profile. According to G+, I am a recent college graduate (which was a lie at the time, I was still taking online classes so I could live in Tahoe as a snowboard bum), eager to jump on any opportunity I could get move into the social media world.

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I wrote this when I was eight years old for my book, "Trapped in the World Wide Web." I've always had a hard time getting to the point in my writing, and I still use emoticons 🙂

20 months later, I’m going across the web, updating my profile to read Director of Community and Strategy at Livefyre. I’ve established myself, my future is clear, and now it’s time to update my personal brand. Time to re-describe myself in 160 characters, re-evaluate my Facebook privacy settings, and some how explain on LinkedIn what my job entails (hint: it’s a startup, a lotta bit of everything).

How do you describe yourself online? Are you professional, personal, maybe completely random? Do you change your persona depending on the community you’re interacting with? I like to keep my profiles consistent across the social web, with username, avatar, now that I’m finally getting around to it, my bio.

Here’s my current attempt at 160 characters (and this doesn’t even include my title or company!) Writing tweets is always a good exercise for conciseness.

“Bay Area born, geek from the start. Passionate about connecting through technology. Happy checking email from the chairlift and sending tweets from the bike.”

How has your profile changed over the years? What are the most important things to include while still being a minimalist?

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