Collections and Keepsakes: My favorite Nostalgia

I’ve been a collector since I was little, and I still am to this day. From the fads of marbles and POGs, to pencil led and my hair clippings, I’ve built up some substantial collections in my day:

Pencil led, bottle caps, and coasters

  • Pencil led
  • Marbles
  • POGs
  • Trading cards
  • Trophies
  • Stamps
  • Beanie babies
  • Coins
  • Pins
  • Bouncy balls
  • Film canisters
  • Business cards
  • Keychains
  • Keys
  • Bottle caps (just started)
  • Coasters (just started)

Not only do I collect random things, but I’m quite the pack-rat. It definitely runs in the family as I have newspaper clippings from my childhood and even my mother’s and grandmother’s youth. My mom saves tupperware for years and reuses biodegradable forks. Needless to say, when I packed up my room when she moved and now getting the rest of my boxes from her house, I followed in her footsteps and have way too much clutter.

Whenever we get down to cleaning out the boxes filled with kindergarten report cards and hand drawn family portraits, we take that old trip down memory lane. I remember the good, the bad, the funny, the proud moments. I associate a specific artifact with a detailed memory, reliving my past experiences through tangible memorabilia.

The contents of my keepsake boxes tell the story of my life and how I got where I am today. Looking back and moving forward, I’ll be digitizing the artifacts I’ve collected, and sharing the stories that they remind me of. Time to bring context to my boxes of memories, allowing me to let go of the physical clutter. While my grandkids won’t be able to hold my 2nd place tennis ribbon from 2nd grade, they’ll see the picture, read the story, and get linked to the other related stories from my life.

Shoeboxes of photos are on my list as well, but that’s something my children will probably never experience. Do you have boxes of memories stored away, and do still save goodies for your scrapbook? (I may have several badges from conferences I’ve attended…) Are you a pack-rat like me or do you keep it minimal? How do you preserve your memories?

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