What’s your process for writing blog posts?

One of the hardest parts about blogging for me is actually sitting down and doing it. This has been a problem of mine throughout my Louise S. McGehee School year. I’m really bad at starting things, but once I get some words on paper, the rest usually flows just fine (and then too long). When I get an idea for a blog post if I don’t write it exactly at that minute, it will probably never get written. (That’s why I’m typing this RIGHT NOW.) I have a list of “blog ideas” and after a while I just erase a line that I never got to. That’s not helping anyone.

Sometimes after I write a blog post I realize it is so unorganized or unfocused, I never publish it. My ideas are in the computer, but they end up going nowhere because I feel like I can’t bring it together as a relevant post. Another barrier that I have made for myself that seems ridiculous.

When I was at Iowa State University for a summer internship we were required to blog every day, and I loved it. I always had something to say about the days events, and usually a relevant link to share with my peers. I tried to continue this again when I was in Australia for my semester abroad, but as soon as I fell behind it was hard to go back and finish it. To this day I have a sticky note open on my computer with notes of almost every day that I was in Sydney. Maybe it’s about time to relive those memories and post them on my blog.

To me, blogging isn’t about getting a million readers or breaking the latest news. It has always been an exercise in writing, a place for me to put my thoughts at the moment and share what’s happening in my life. This is also what makes it hard for me to continue blogging. If no one is reading it, I don’t really care if I neglect it for a few weeks. One of my latest posts was about goals that I set for 2011, half of which I’ve already slacked on. What I really need to do is take my own advice (Thanks Lori) and follow up with what I say I’m going to do, regardless of who is watching.

The writing journey begins

At this point, my process for writing blog posts is this: The idea pops in my head, and I start writing. Simple as that.

I would love to have more of a method to my madness, and hopefully that will come with time. I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants” writer. As I revealed in a comment, I barely read over my posts before I publish. Writing is one of the most important skills I can improve on, I just need to give myself more practice.

I’ve got the commenting thing down, but I know I have a lot to learn about writing methods. What is your process for writing blog posts? How do you go from idea to publishing?

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