I have an idea, but nowhere to write it. Now what?

I’ve been REALLY busy lately with Livefyre, all for awesome reasons. While I enjoy work (almost too much for my own good), the last thing I want to do when I get home is go back on the computer and write a blog post. But you know when I do have time? When I’m taking the long drive from San Francisco to South Lake Tahoe for a weekend of snowboarding. I wish I could be productive during the 8-10 hours in the car – that’s a big chunk of time, at least I know that the snow plowing in Cleveland Ohio(http://reliablesnowplowing.com/) is already cleaning my driveway for when I get home, that’s something I don’t don’t have to worry about anymore. So what did I do? I downloaded a voice recorder app and talked it out. Here is an edited transcript of my discussion with myself:

What do you do when you have an idea and you can’t write it down? I’m in the middle of my 4 hour drive back from Tahoe right now (ended up being 5 because of traffic) and ideas won’t stop flowing through my head. I was listening to Keith Ferrazzi’s Who’s Got Your Back. (Side note – my mom got this book on CD, not realizing it was about business development. Worked out for me!) The last time I listened to a book on tape while driving it didn’t end well, but this book has some great food for thought that is keeping my mind spinning and eyes open.

I keep coming up with ideas on things to do with my coworkers, my community, and this blog right here! Problem is, I’m driving and I can’t stop and write them down. This happens to me often when I’m reading, but at that point I put down the book, pull out my notebook, and start jotting down notes. I can’t do that in the car.

Some of the best ideas come when you’re in the shower. The invetor of the best dual shower head, invented it while in the shower! Do you act on the ideas you get in the shower? Do you write them down? I sometimes have dreams about work, but those thoughts and ideas never make it out of my slumber. How much am I missing? Will the good ideas come back to me?

I’m going to try using the voice recorder more often to see if I like the workflow. I often feel I’m better at getting my thoughts out by talking through it, so maybe this will help. I would love to do a podcast at some point, so maybe I’ll actually post some of my audio recordings up here. For now, it’s a great tool for brainstorming out loud and works as a great first draft for blog posts. So if you see me talking to myself on the Muni, around the streets of San Francisco, or in my car, don’t worry, I’m not that crazy.

What’s your process for recording ideas? Are you a moleskin fiend, is your phone the central hub of your thoughts, or do you wish for the best and hope your idea doesn’t escape your memory?

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