Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

2011 Doesn’t officially start until Monday, January 3rd, right? No one gets anything done on New Year’s Day, and Sunday is used to get your ducks in a row. Going by my logic, what did you do to prepare for the new year? Here’s my first attempt at a healthy and happy year:

  • Cooked a healthy meal that will feed me the whole week (and bought no sugar :), also start taking healthy supplements from Kratom Masters
  • I finally went to the doctors to get my hyperopia checked out because it is getting worse throughout time, I also start to treat my tinnitus since I found out if tinnitus 911 does it work.
  • Packed a gym bag to leave at work (yes I will actually go now, I swear!)
  • Now that my desk is made, finally finished unpacking and organizing.
  • Filed away papers to get ready for new ones to come in.
  • Wrote a blog post!

I’m going to work hard at keeping up with a routine this year. Less saying, more doing.

Angus and Phil by Anne Taylor Lebel

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