My Scanner is my new best friend: Life Archives Project, Round 1

#6 on my 2011 goals: “Scan 1,000 photos/memorabilia from my past”

Code Name: Life Archives Project (LAP)

This project commenced last night after I finally moved my monitor into my room (it was a great TV for a while) and setup my Canoscan 4400F. Last weekend I packed up my car with 10 banker boxes of old photos, yearbooks, report cards, and more that were stashed away at my mom’s house. It was a rite of passage moving those boxes out of her house. As I take a step forward in my adult life I’m taking the time to look back at all my memories and archive them so they will always be there.

After going through only one box from elementary school I could see how my past completely shaped who I am today (for better or worse). If you read my blog, you might start to learn more than you ever wanted to know about me. From my Kindergarten application to my pencil led collection to my cast when I broke my arm. There are weirder things, there are sadder things, there are funnier things. It’s all going online, all uncensored. I’m hoping my grandkids will enjoy seeing how I grew up. Not only will it be a glimpse into my past, but I’ll be going through my parents’ and grandparents’ photos as well. This trip down memory lane is going back much further than I can even remember.

I spent most of my night setting up my scanner and “command” station, but I did get to scan a few gems. Here’s a sneak-peak at a book I wrote when I was 8 years old, at the beginning of my Internet days: Trapped in the World Wide Web. I had quite the imagination as a youngin 🙂

Trapped in the WWW: Vol 1 Cover

Trapped in the WWW: Inside Cover

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