11 resolutions and goals for 2011, finally in writing

On Sunday night I felt like I got myself all ready to start the new year. I cleaned my room with the help of Maid Complete, cooked food, and prepared myself for the work week ahead. What I finally realized today during the #cmgrchat about goals for 2011 was that I didn’t actually set any goals for myself. I feel like I have resolution every year – I’ll exercise more, wake up earlier, be more productive. The problem is I never keep track of or hold myself accountable for these goals.

This year, I’m putting my goals in writing, on the web for all to see. Some are for my professional self, others for my personal well-being. All are important and will ultimately make me a happier person, which is a win for everyone. While I have several other life improvements I’m trying to make this year, below are my measurable goals, here to keep me honest. Drum roll please…

  1. Publish 2 blog posts per week (this counts as post #2, right? 🙂
  2. Attend 3 events each month
  3. Speak at 3 events
  4. Make a information visualization using 3rd party APIs (part of my coding challenge)
  5. Take a photo expedition each month
  6. Scan 1,000 photos/memorabilia from my past
  7. Exercise 3 times each week
  8. Lose 20 pounds
  9. Touch my toes
  10. Have a meaningful conversation with an old friend each week (ht @jasonshen)
  11. Compliment a stranger 3 times each week (ht @jamesdburrell2)

I’m foreseeing blog posts about each of these goals (and referring to some in the past), to give you some background on my reasons. Now that these are here, I guess I have to do them right? Not that anyone reads this, but I’ll have to keep this link prominent in my bookmarks so I don’t forget what I want to accomplish.

What are your goals for 2011, and how are you tracking them?

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