Reason #1 that I love the Internet: Someone will give you the answer, even if you don’t ask a question.

This is the start to a series I will be writing. A post will be coming soon with more background information about my blog. launched today with Livefyre as their comment system. As I browsed through the posts I saw a picture of some Saimin noodles from a place on Maui. This immediately reminded me of a similar dish I ate at a small shop in Kauai. I commented on the post to share my memory and went back to work.

A few minutes later I got an e-mail notifying me that the author, Cat, replied to my comment: “@jennalanger Are you talking about Hamura’s? I haven’t been there in years. Actually, maybe that’s my next food adventure… After a diet!”

I did a quick Google Image search for “Hamura’s” and she was right! I would have never remembered the name of the place. But one quick interaction with a local and the memory was back, this time with full color and even details of the creme pie we indulged in.

Hamura's Saimin
The interior was hard to forget, thanks for the image brandonshigeta on Flickr!
I dug through the photos from my trip to Kauai for this snapshot of our delicious meal.

Thank you Internet for making the world a smaller place and helping me remember the minor details that make life so lovely.

What memories have you “re-remembered” because of the Internet?

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