The Bicycle Diaries: Aug 25 and 26

I said I’d do it, so I am. Blogging my rides:

Work to Home, 8/25:

The day ended much gloomier than it started, as expected. I started my ride watching the fog roll in from the west. Well, the sun was nice while it lasted. As soon as I reached the Pan Handle I was engulfed in fog. A few pedals later I felt mist on my face, and then actual drops of rain! Luckily it cooled down as I navigated through Wiggle so the breeze was nice after working up a sweat.

Home to Work, 8/26:

It feels like San Francisco again for sure now. I woke up this morning to gray skies and started my ride with mist on my sunglasses. It was a smooth ride, with a couple of hiccups with my commuter bag. It’s a little scary riding with my laptop attached to my bike only by some plastic. I’m looking into some reinforcements.I started to take a new route. Before I rode all the way down page to Market Street. This time I took the Wiggle to 14th Street, and then Folsom all the way to the gym. It’s nice skipping the steep downhill on Page and avoiding Market all together. Not as scary and probably more direct.

I’m taking the night off because it’s windy, getting dark, and I think I’m getting a cold. I’ll be riding home tomorrow evening though.

Technology is making my rides better in 2 ways:

  • I previously wrote about CardioTrainer, an Android App that records my route. While I liked this app a lot, I am now using Google’s My Tracks. This app doesn’t record calories, but it does record elevation and exports the data to Google Maps and a spreadsheet. This makes it easy to keep track of my rides. It displays cool graphs like elevation and speed, and even knows the grade of the hills. This will be really cool once Waves to Wine comes around. Good hills through the Wine Country!

Elevation of my bike ride home
Google shows me the hills I climbed. 24% grade!
  • 24 Hour Fitness has an awesome new check-in process. Finally I don’t need to remember my card and my ID! I enter my 10 digit code (hmm, what’s 10 digits?), scan my finger, and I’m good to go! Very smooth and one less thing to think about and I can get my hemp protein fast and easy. Props to you 24 Hour.

Do you use any technology when you workout? Listen to music, track your exercise? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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