Why I Bought my Motorola Droid at the Perfect Time

Buying a smart phone was a big deal for me. I knew I was going to be stuck with it for two years so I wanted it to be the latest and greatest. Living in San Francisco I was going to be sticking with Verizon as AT&T royally sucks. My other option, T-Mobile, is cheap, but the network isn’t vast enough for my frequent trips to Lake Tahoe. It was the end of December and I had just returned from Australia. I reactivated my ancient Motorola flip phone while I began my cell phone hunt.

I started following rumors of the upcoming “Google Phone.” I decided to wait until the official announcement to make my decision. Alas, the Nexus One was released. The features were cool, but I was mostly impressed with the operating system and not the phone. The stickler was that it was on T-Mobile or very expensive unsubsidized, so my decision was clear. Verizon it is.

Motorola Droid vs. HTC Eris
This decision wasn’t too challenging: I wanted to faster processor, better camera, physical keyboard, and the complete Google Android experience. The only things that made me consider the Eris were the size and the price. I knew I would have the phone for 2 years, so buying a less powerful phone wasn’t worth it.

Why was my decision correct and my timing perfect?

  • I got the upgrade to Android 2.1 sooner than Eris users (have they even gotten it yet?) and I’m sure the Droid will be one of the next phones to get 2.2 which I am really excited about.
  • They are FINALLY saying (with some certainty) that the iPhone will be on Verizon in January. I afraid of what this will do to the Verizon network, considering it completely mutilated AT&T reception in San Francisco. I won’t jump on the bandwagon until I know it will function well enough as a phone. I’m hoping it will be on the new LTE network, which again throws in the question of timing.
  • I don’t want to deal with any mass lines or antenna problems that Apple won’t admit. If I wait until after it is in the wild I can make sure I will be buying a working phone.
  • By that time there should me more killer Android phones with video conferencing, updated Google Voice, and tethering.

Hopefully at that point Verizon follow in AT&T’s footsteps and offer an early upgrade to keep people on their network. That would be great for any killer phone that comes out before my contract ends.

While I would love to eventually get an iPhone (they are so pretty and such a smooth experience) I don’t agree with the way Apple runs the app store and how they are treating their customers. I’m all for the openness of the Android Market, assuming the quality will continue to rise as they compete with Apple. I’ll save my deep thoughts on that topic for another blog post. πŸ™‚

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