Bike Freeways!

On my ride home I took the 50 and 30 bike routes westbound. I road the bike freeways all the way from South Beach to Golden Gate Park. I wish Google Maps or another site would highlight these routes. It is nice to see the bike lanes all over the city, but the main routes are good to know for cross city transit.

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The 30 route is called “The Wiggle.” What a way to avoid the brutal San Francisco hills! The route turns back and forth helping bikers skip the steep inclines. It leads right to the Panhandle where I can easily make my way back through Golden Gate Park. The gradual grade is still a challenge, but over time I’ll build up my strength to make my ride a breeze. Speaking of breeze, the wind provides an extra challenge!

I have events to attend the next two nights, so rides to work will continue on Monday. Hopefully I’ll get out for a weekend ride before then, it’s supposed to be 80 degrees!

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