Day 66: Manly Walk into the Night

Ok, I should have spent today doing schoolwork, I know. But I need to show Kristin what Sydney has to offer! And at the same time, I made sure we did something I haven’t done yet 🙂

After looking through her Lonely Planet book for some local insight, we decided to take the ferry to Manly and take on the Manly Scenic Walkway. It is a 9 km walk fro Manly to to the Spit Bridge, along the coast and through some bush.

Instead of telling you all about the gorgeous scenery, I’ll show you with pictures. But I have a few titbits to add. The ferry ride was amazing, as expected. It reminds me of Marin, and makes me appreciate where I am currently and where I came from. Kristin said this was her first time on a ferry, which I couldn’t believe! Once we were on the walk I loved how tranquil it was. At some points it felt like we were way out in the bush, or right on the ocean where there was no land for miles. And then you would turn a corner, and there was the Sydney skyline. Not bad, not bad at all. The natural surroundings were a great addition to our long conversations about life and our future. That seems to be on my mind a lot, and Kristin’s as well since we both just graduated. One thing we concluded was that we better find jobs that we enjoy. Because if you spend 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year working, that is the majority of your time. What good is money if you aren’t happy for most of the year?

So I forgot to mention that we had a late start, not getting to Manly until about 3pm. Now this walk is supposed to take about 3 to 4 hours. We are fast walkers, don’t get be wrong, but we took the road less travelled several times, and took lots of pictures. Basically, it started to get dark, and we some how wound up in someone’s backyard, getting scared out by a possum. Luckily for us, when we made it up to the road a woman had just pulled in. She basically told us we were screwed and it would be impossible for us to find our way back. But right then a man and his son pulled up, asking if we were lost (and if we were tourists). He said this happens a lot, and offered to drive us to the bus stop. Phew, saved by the dad! We eventually made it back safely, happy with our excursion and the stories to go along with it.

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