Day 65: #coffeemornings!

My day began with an early morning adventure to evangelise SMCEDU. Gavin Heaton, (@servantofchaos) showed interest in the initiative but can’t make our meeting next week. He is however the organiser of #coffeemornings, a weekly gathering of social media enthusiasts in Surrey Hills. @cafedave is a regular attendee as well, so I wasn’t as nervous knowing I would know a familiar face.

While I put the idea of SMCEDU out there, I didn’t get too many biters. Everyone thinks it’s a great idea, but I think it is hard for them to realise how they can get involved. On top of that, people already attend so many meetups and coffeemornings, it can be hard to fit another one into their schedule. I did get some names of people doing great things with social media and education that I will have to investigate. To name a few:
– Mark Smithers, Senior Manager, Teaching and Learning Support at RMIT University (
– Jeremy Lebard – Book Tagger (, not quite SMCEDU, but cool concept)

Nonetheless, I met some great people and had good discussions. With a seat at the table I jumped into conversations and learned from the more experienced.

I also found out about GetUp!, an Australian grassroots activist organisation like MoveOn in the states. I love all the new things I learn about the world around me.

One key thing I took away from speaking with @RazChorev is that you never stop learning. After doing my information literacy report I have realised how important lifelong learning is for people in all fields. Grad school may not be the answer right away, as it can often be behind the trends. I need to keep reading blogs, attending conferences, and speaking with people to learn from my surroundings. He also emphasised just going out and doing probono work. This was a key concept in the Recession Proof Grad slideshow as well. As a young graduate looking for experience, I can offer services for free to establish myself and build up a portfolio. I like the idea of having a mentor, which I think is why I enjoy volunteering for things like Media140. I’m excited to see what comes of it!

After a fun filled morning of networking, back to Uni I must go. I worked on my media services database proposal, researching more about media monitoring. This is a really interesting topic to me, and I could see myself working in the industry. Instead of just doing it for commercial companies, I think it can be used for current events and global and political issues. I also like the fact that the news media uses the International Press Telecommunication Council (IPTC) metadata. I looked into this a while ago when I was interested in photo metadata. I think it has a lot of value and I am enjoying the opportunity to learn more about it. Of course I like the idea of monitoring the social web, but mainstream media is still an important stream of information, reaching a lot of people. I knew something good would eventually come out of this assignment! But now I need to do real work and put a good dent in my proposal so I can travel in a few days without worries!

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