Day 64: Kristin is…(5 hours later)…HERE!

Oh what an early morning it was. But I got up early enough and caught the train to Wolli Creek. Why Wolli Creek and not the airport? Well, the airport, being all high and mighty, charges an extra fee just for stopping there! This fee has to be paid when travelling by train, taxi, bus, or car, so there is really no way to avoid it. But – after some research I found that you can take the train one stop further to Wolli Creek and walk 2 km along the Creek to the airport to avoid the cost! I thought I might as well, see some more sites and save a few bucks. It was a nice walk on a very foggy morning. The creek was calm, and it looked like there was a waterski jump. Potential for wakeboarding? There is something I should look into.

I made it to the airport with no trouble and time to spare. Her flight was supposed to arrive around 6:15am, but I was giving her time to get through customs. And let me tell you, I gave her PLENTY of time. It turns our her flight was rerouted to Brisbane because of the fog! At first someone told me she might not come in until the evening, which I thought was absurd. And I almost brought a book to read… Instead, I spent hours on end reading through travel guides and learning health and money saving tips. Finally, by 5 hours later, at 12:15 she arrived!

After a long morning for both of us, we made our way back to my flat. It was good to just hang out for a while and catch up. It was surreal having Kristin sitting on my bed – I felt like I was back at home! It has been 2 months since I have seen my friends and family from the states, and here she was sitting right in front of me!

We ventured downtown to grab some food, until I realised I had a group meeting…oops! We cut our walk short, grabbed some Subway, and we parted ways. She went off to explore Darling Harbour, and I went to class.

When I got back from class we spent the remainder of the evening planning our trip. Well, not so much planning, as looking at some options and deciding, “we’ll figure it out when we get there!”

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