Day 63: Some things done, more to come

Finally, one more thing to check off my list. We presented our report on information literacy today, and it feels good to be done. I think we did a pretty good job. Our substitute thinks we should have examined the policy issue from another angle, but it was too late to incorporate her ideas. We put in a lot of time to gather and prepare our information, and now that it’s done, it’s done.

After coming home and refuelling, I went to the library to do some research for my database proposal. Kristin comes tomorrow and I would like to do some site seeing with her, but of course school has to be my priority.

Since I have to get to the airport by 7:15am tomorrow, I’m making it an early night after cleaning up (thank’s God my Roomba is here) and preparing for Kristin’s arrival. Goodnight!

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