Day 62: My First Grade…!

Yet another exciting day of schoolwork. Tomorrow I will feel semi-relieved after our information literacy presentation is over, but I still have the database proposal looming that I need to make a dent in. But on a good note, I got my first assignment back from my database class. This was one I was stressing about and did not really enjoy, but I received a DISTINCTION! This scared me at first when I saw “D” for the letter grade, but that really means good work, a B+ or A- in Sac State standards! This really made my day, as I have been stressing about how my grades are going to affect my GPA. I’m sure it still won’t help, but I have more confidence in myself and I am starting to feel like my hard work is paying off. The funny part is that I completely misinterpreted the scenario, but luckily it didn’t matter because I still created a relational database and showed my knowledge of the topic. It turns out the hypothetical company I was creating the database for is actually a media MONITORING company, not media PLANNING. I am really happy about finding this out because I am interested in social media monitoring, an off-shoot of the topic. This next assignment is very different than the first and requires analysing and indexing documents, so I am very happy it is from the media monitoring perspective. I will actually be interested in what I am doing and now it is much more straight forward. I thought about asking if I could make it a social media monitoring database, but it is a new topic and there wouldn’t be any metadata standards established yet. I’m just happy I am getting interested in my school work again, it makes it much easier to put the time in if I care about what I’m doing.

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