Day 61: Back to life as a student

Now back to the real world. Kristin arrives on Thursday and we are departing for our trip the following Tuesday. I have a database design proposal due the day I am planning on returning, so I’m trying to finish it before we leave. And I have a presentation on Wednesday. To school I will go!

In between schoolwork I have been actively tweeting trying to recruit people for our SMCEDU meeting next Monday. This evening I took the opportunity to visit my professor Maureen Henninger to see if she had an idea of what lecturers in the UTS Communication department were using social media. While her answers were helpful, I have yet to find a professor that is really involved in social media. I think I am going to start searching through the professors online to see who is researching anything about social media and inform them of SMCEDU. I guess I have to just keep on trying!

I was given another study break when I returned my Mom’s call. She is almost done packing up the house and will begin moving things into the new house in a few days. She seems to think I am going to need to move home when I get back from Australia due to lack of money, and she kindly offered her lower lot for me to park a trailer. Let’s hope it doesn’t get down to that…

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