Day 60: School work or the Beach? hmmmm

I couldn’t end my birthday weekend by staying inside doing schoolwork, especially when it was nearly 30 degrees outside! So off we went to Bronte Beach to take in the sun and even dip in the water this time! My first real entry into the Australian ocean if only for a few minutes was still quite refreshing. The water is starting to warm up, but I am sure it will be much nicer next week when I am in North Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef…

And for the evening, I ate way too much food at Little Haveli, and my mouth is still a little burnt from the amazing spices. We had been talking about getting Indian food for over a month, and now that I bit the bullet and shelled out the $9, I was overstuffed with a spinach and a chicken dish. Next time I might need to save some for later, especially since I might begin to crave this much more often.

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