Day 59: The Birthday Celebration Continues

Ah, made it to the weekend, and ready to celebrate my birthday without the thinking about assignments! Ok, I spent part of the day on assignments, but I also got to chat with my Grandma, Mom, Dad, and Nicole. As of yesterday I believe, my mom has officially sold the house I spent my whole life in. It is a sad thought, but my mom worked so hard to get the house ready I am happy it worked out so quickly and that she found another house she loves. It will probably be twice as much work as the last one, but she is looking forward to living in the Novato countryside with deer roaming around her backyard. It looks like a really nice house and I am looking forward to seeing metal roof kansas city ks, but it will never be a house a really call home. I guess at the age of 22 as I’m entering the real word it will soon be time for me to find my own place to call home. But for now, the world is my playground and I’m going to take advantage of my youth and lack of permanence to explore everything it has to offer me.

Back to my current life…When I say I worked on assignments, I actually mean I got carried away responding to a blog about why teens don’t tweet. There have been several reports providing statistics about this, but this blog by Dee Jackson started to delve into response by teens behind their behaviour. I wanted to share my two cents since I am one of the “younger” people on Twitter and I see how people my age look at the social networking service. Check out the media140 Blog to read my thoughts!

Later in the afternoon I met with Hamed and a few others to go shopping for our birthday party this evening (Hamed’s birthday is 10 Sept). We got some food and drinks, along with some balloons and streamers (we’re going big! haha) Then to get ready for our Gumal Rooftop Party and night out in Darling Harbour, Sabrina was kind enough to be my personal beautician for the night and curled my hair and did my makeup. Just like back at home, I have friends to help turn me into a girl 🙂

And yet again, another gorgeous evening spent with my Sydney friends, and a good time was had by all.

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