Day 58: Shining sun, Impromptu Tweetup, and SMCEDU moving forward

Why do I have to do schoolwork when it is so much fun connecting with people?!?! I kicked off my morning by talking to Kristin about our upcoming trip, which we are both getting excited and nervous about. It should be fun playing it by ear, but nerve-wrecking at the same time! I followed up her call with calls to my parents, which were a little disappointing because it looks like I’m not getting all the things I wanted from home. I definitely asked them at the worst time – my mom has to be out of her house by Tuesday and my dad has his Waves to Wine ride this weekend. Oh well, I’ve been doing well enough without some of my things, I think I’ll survive.

After surfing Twitter for a short time I saw a few friends tweeting about #bbtu – a tweetup put on by @Brasseriebread. They were providing free lunch in Hyde Park at 12:30 pm. How could I say no? I walked down there with my laptop on my back as I was preparing for a conference call with @Yongclee about #SMCEDU at 1pm. While I only stayed long enough to meet some tweeples and grab some food, the sandwich and cupcake were delicious! I quickly scurried to a cafe I found with free wifi and chatted with Yong for a while. We are both very enthusiastic about SMCEDU, and I’m really looking forward to see where we can take this in Sydney. It is good to know that different chapters are heading in different directions, as I think Sydney will do the same.

Once I got home I was all over twitter and the SMCEDU Ning site trying to arrange a time for our next meeting. I’m hoping more people can come along so we can really see what we can accomplish here in Sydney. I really should be working on my Information Literacy presentation, but I am finding so many interesting people online I just don’t want to stop. I love how the web is allowing me to find people that might be interested in SMCEDU, and other interesting tweeple around Sydney.

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