Day 57: Media Chit Chat and Free TV!

Of course after celebrating yesterday, I had to get work done today. The library called my name, and I went to complete a paper that was due in the evening. Luckily it was on a topic I enjoyed and I had already completed part of it, so it wasn’t too bad to finish up. I am definitely more productive in the library – I should really spend more time there.

As soon as I finished my paper I power-walked my way to Bar 333 for a short meeting with @sarallenconsult about interning with Media140. I have decided that I will not start until after the break. I need to concentrate on getting my schoolwork done before I take on other endeavours. Sarah seemed perfectly fine with that, as I am sure there will be plenty to do once October rolls around. This is a great opportunity because I think I will get my hands on several aspects of the conference planning. I mentioned that I was interested in live-blogging for the event, and it seems like I’ll be able to do that! I love hearing people speak about social media, so why not “retweet” their thoughts to the world? I am really interested in the topic of this conference, as it is about journalism and the real-time web. They have some great speakers lined up and I hope I can learn more about them before the event.

Many of the speakers at the event are on Australia Television, which we have not had – until tonight! My friend had an extra cord and we plugged it in and it works! We have free-to-air TV which is plenty for me. I was doing fine without it, but I am really interested in seeing the news and Aus TV is different than in the US. I will make sure I don’t spend countless hours watching brain-draining television – I’m watching strictly for research purposes! 🙂

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