Day 56: It’s my birthday and… my friends are awesome

I didn’t expect anything special for my birthday this year. I am trying to get my work done so I can enjoy my East Coast trip in a few weeks, so I didn’t plan anything. Luckily, I have made some great friends here who made it a great day.

After class my friend Helen took me to Myers (department store comparable to Bloomingdales) to get my makeup done. She obviously picked up on the fact that I’m not very girly, and wanted to spoil me for my birthday. I figured later that evening I would just have a few drinks with some friends. Saturday we are planning a party and going somewhere nice for the night because it is Hamed’s birthday tomorrow – joint celebrations are always fun! After sitting and chatting on the rooftop of Gumal for a while, I was pleasantly surprised by my friends as they brought up balloons, wine, and cake! It was all very unexpected and definitely made my day. The cake was delicious and we all enjoyed the evening together. I am truly lucky to have made great friends here – it makes everything we do that much better.

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