Day 55: Sandwich and Soda! It’s a lunch time!

Man were my legs sore on my bike ride today! Not quite sure why, but I am going to associate it with the exercises I’ve been doing while sitting at my desk šŸ™‚ It has also been a while since I rode my bike, so maybe after riding on Sunday my legs hadn’t fully recovered. Time to work more on my upper body!

After doing some homework for a while, it was time for Subway Customer Appreciation Day! Buy one foot long sandwich and a drink, get the second free! I guess it isn’t really that great of a deal considering I had to buy a drink, but I have been hyping up this day for a week now, so I had to follow through. Subway is my saviour here, and 4 meals for $10 is a pretty sweet deal.

Class this evening was much more enjoyable than it has been. The last few weeks I have been kicking myself in the foot for taking the Organising Information class. After turning in my assignment last week that was not up to my standards, I wasn’t looking forward to hearing about this next assignment. Alas, Maureen walked into class to inform us she will be our lecturer for the rest of the semester. She proceeded to explain our next assignment, which is indexing various forms of media. Luckily it has nothing to do with the first assignment besides the topic, so goodbye Microsoft Access and relational databases for now! I think her lecture style makes me more interested in the topic because her enthusiasm rubs off on me. Now I just need to put the last assignment behind me and concentrate (and maybe even enjoy) the next one. I’m hoping to have it completed before I take off on my trip in two weeks, so staying on task is imperative for the near future.

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