Day 54: Productivity ends in a Headache – but it went away!

Next week I have a group presentation on information literacy policy in Australia and Thailand, so I started by day meeting with my group. We’re making some good progress and I think are in fine shape if we keep adding stuff this week. It is interesting reading about the current state of information literacy, especially while I am involved with SMCEDU. I think media literacy is an important topic that should be taught in schools, so I am enjoying reading how different countries are approaching the situation.

After meeting with my group I stayed on campus and did some work on my collaboratory report for Digital Libraries and Collections. Wow, I actually think I accomplished something today! Lots of staring at a computer screen, but at least I got something done.

Unfortunately it was too much staring at a computer screen, because I came back and was plagued with a headache. I haven’t had one like this in ages, but I think I was just doing too much schoolwork (this doesn’t happen when I’m on Twitter!) I took some Alieve and went for a walk to get some fresh air and hope the headache would subside.

On my walk I stopped and had a phone conversation with @sarallenconsult about Media140! We had been trying to arrange this conversation for over a week, so I think we were both satisfied to be talking instead of e-mailing. It looks like there is a lot to do to prepare for this event, and I am looking forward to it. There is already a bit of buzz going on around the event, so I am trying to keep up with it so I know what’s going on. I am going to have to think about how much I can contribute, because I don’t want to stress myself out. At the same time this is a great opportunity and I want to do everything I can to make the most out of it.

By the end of my conversation my headache was almost gone!!! This is a huge deal, as in the past no form of medication would make the pain go away. I can’t believe I used to have headaches all the time, and I don’t know how I managed. I am so glad to be able to control them now. I have grown a tremendous amount physically, mentally, and emotionally, since I graduated high school. What is interesting is that I am witnessing this growth in relation to my health. Let’s just hope I keep climbing up the hill as my physical health is closely related to my personal well-being.

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