Day 53: Same ol’ Sunday

Just like I said via Twitter, Library time! But I first spun my legs and enjoyed the sun on my bike for 30 minutes. I took what I imagine will be my usual route – followed the signs towards Annondale, turned right somewhere to end up near Blackwattle Bay, and headed to the Anzac Bridge to make my way back into the city.

The library was nice a quiet, I guess what you would expect for a library, and a Sunday. I researched information literacy, checked out a book about creative commons, and also picked up a copy of Clay Shirky’s Here Come’s Everybody. I wish I had more time to read so I could actually sit down and enjoy the book, but for now it will suffice to use it for my research paper.

I ended the evening with Vanish and Sabrina watching We Could Be Heroes, the first show by the creator of Summer Heights High. Got to love watching some Australian Comedy!

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