Day 52: Wollongong FTW… not so much

For our weekend adventure we took the train 2 hours to Wollongong, a beach town south of Sydney, home of University of Wollongong. There wasn’t much else there (and we didn’t even see the university), but it was a nice beach town away from the city. We went there because a group of my friends went skydiving for AJ’s birthday! While I don’t have an urge to try skydiving (especially not for $300), jumping out of a plane with the beach in view the whole time seems like a good way to do it.

All in all I wasn’t very impressed with Wollongong, but probably because I kept thinking I should have been at home doing my work. It was a nice beach and I enjoyed the view of the lighthouse (always gets me excited, makes me think of my Mom), but it wasn’t anything new to see. I would get the same satisfaction from going to Bondi which is much closer. At least I can say I’ve seen more of Australia!

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