Day 47: Successful getting sidetracked

Up early this morning! Productivity was my goal, but it was less about my assignment today than other fun things on the web.

This evening I want to my first SMC Sydney event! It was definitely a different experience than Sacramento events. It was at the Oxford Art Factory, a cool bar and music venue. The majority of the crowd was much older than me, but that was to be expected. I came across one girl who was also at her first event. She was most likely older than me, but we agreed that the rest of the crowd was on a different level than us. She was actually a media buyer – the job that I am making a database for in my class (which I should have been working on…)

The topic was personas and working towards finding the right medium and message for your audience. The speakers were great and it was very informative. After the presentations there was a heated debate about using fake avatars and transparency and authenticity. The Twitter backchannel was raving with swearing, inside jokes, and of course some Twitter spam as it became a trending topic. This group was much more unruly than what I was used to in Sacramento, but it showed how passionate they are about their work.

At the end of the event I met @danieltreacy, another UTS student that responded to my tweet about UTS people going to #SMCSYD. He is an IT and business major and is a freelance web designer. He had an internship where he used social media and has remained interested since then. It looks like I have my first #SMCEDU recruit! We had a great conversation about social media and education, and he is interested in getting involved.

It was a great evening, followed by discussing with my friends for WAY TOO LONG about our spring break trip. I really should have been working on my assignment (this is a really bad trend I have going on here). But instead, I was hearing about some expensive spring break plans that I didn’t think I would be taking part in. $1400 for 8 days? I knew it would be more money, and I have extra time so I can do more travelling. Also, doing anything like that in a large group seems like a bad idea. We have problems deciding which way to walk downtown! I don’t want to be restricted by what others do, so I think I am going to do my own trip.

Now that it’s late and I’m tired, I’m going to go to bed and wake up early to work ALL DAY until I finish my database assignment for class tomorrow night. Woo hoo…

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