Day 45: Yes, I am a geek

Oh the library, how I love the. While I love the internet and can find plenty of articles for my assignments using Google Scholar, there is something about being in the right section of the dewy decimals and finding a plethora of books on the topic of interest. I found numerous books to browse through for information on my paper about how social media and the real-time web are challenging internet censorship. It is hard to find scholarly information on this topic because it is so new, but I will do my best to make connections with the past, present, and future.

Yes, the library is great, but my love for the web is still strong! As I was looking for more information on my topic, I came across #media140. It was a conference held in London about “the future of real time news.” It looks like it was a great conference talking about the exact topic I am interested in. They are trying to have conferences all over the world, and Sydney is the next one on the list! I decided I should test my luck and e-mail them to see if there were any opportunities to help with the conference. Who knows, maybe I could work with them on a global scale as well! I sent them an e-mail with my interests, so we’ll see what happens!

This evening we hung out at Gumal for a while and people were going to play Monopoly. Monopoly on a Saturday night?? I wasn’t keen to really going out, but it was a warm beautiful night – I wasn’t staying in. I rallied the troops and we headed to Darling Harbour for ice cream! It was amazing outside and really made me excited for the warmer months to come when we can be out at night still wearing a tank top. I think one of my favourite things about living here is being so close to everything. I can just decide to walk to Darling Harbour, an iconic place known worldwide.

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