Day 44: Sacto Reunion!

After my late night breakdown, I allowed myself to sleep in, and it was marvelous. As I was feeling a bit homesick and missing my friends and family, I put out a Facebook plea for my friends to get on Skype so I could see them face to face. What great friends I have, because low and behold I talked to several in one day! Kristin and Matt were at Cathryn’s new place, so I got to see them all together. Just seeing their interactions with each other made it feel like I was at home with them. It was very comforting and long overdue. Later that day Walter happened to catch me online, so I got to video chat with him for a while as well. I am so lucky my Internet lasted so long! He was the perfect person to talk to because he helped give me the encouragement I needed. I can talk to him about my classes and he’ll understand. He also knows my potential and assured me that if anyone could pull through, it was me. I am so glad I didn’t have people saying, “Ya, why did you take those classes?” Walter and my dad helped me see the positive side, which was really kind of support I needed.

While I should have stayed in and done work on my database project (which I am despising), friends were having a house warming party at Bondi Beach. Naturally I couldn’t say no, so a group of us took the long journey by train and bus for the evening. While I’m a little sad I don’t live at the beach, it is almost better having friends that live there! Their flat was amazing – a bit old but had so much character. The rooms were enormous, wonderful hardwood floors, and an amazing roof where you can almost see the beach! We are definitely looking forward to heading back there for some warm summer days.

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