Day 41: Museum Mania

We are still searching for a Digital Library project, so I decided it was time to visit some museums in Sydney. With my faithful sidekicks Sabrina, Karolina, Mo, and Vanish, we ventured down to Circular Quay to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) followed by the Museum of Sydney.

MCA: Wrong day to go. They are inbetween exhibits so only one floor was open. They did have some cool visualisations of Countries and their involvement in Global Organizations. Information visualization in an art gallery! Just my thing! We’ll have to go back when they have everything else open again.

Museum of Sydney: Small, but I enjoyed it. The Londoners were not impressed at all, but you take it for what it is. I liked the special exhibit they had about trams in Sydney – it turns out they had one of the most advanced tram systems in the world back in the day. They also had some cool info viz stuff, displaying photos of the Sydney skyline over a period of time. It was a touch screen that allowed you to scroll and enlarge the photos and illustrations. There was also one showing old pictures of Sydney:

(photo to be added soon)

Library of New South Wales: Beautiful building an a cool photographic exhibit of panoramas taken by Melvin Vaniman. He was from the US and actually had them ship an air balloon to him so he could take the photos from a higher elevation! I was intrigued. Unfortunately his love for flight also later lead to his death when he left photography to fly planes…

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