Day 40: Gloominess and Gua Sha

To follow the beautiful Sunday, we had a windy, gloomy, and a bit rainy Monday.

I started it off with some Laundry, and ended with some acupuncture. They did yet another method on my back this time. It was Gua Sha – “Pronounced, “gwar shar”, is the therapeutic use of the traditional Chinese soup spoon. By using the side of the spoon to rub along the surface of the body, friction and therefore heat can be produced. This technique can aid in the relaxation of tight muscles, the expulsion of toxins found in rashes, and generally help stimulate a particular area of the body. Small bruises may occur after this treatment, however these last only a few days.” ( I love the Internet). I was told to keep my back warm for the next few days, and to rub biofreeze on it. It was very interesting, and I think it helped. This is hopefully that last time I’ll go for a while. I’m making sure to stretch more and move every now and then when I’m on the computer. I think I just need to pay attention to my posture and develop a good habit of stretching and I’ll get better.

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