Day 38: InFusion Fun

More InFusions activities today – this time it was the Resident Carnival! I’m guessing our rent is high for our flat because they provide us with so many free events. We had free food which was delicious, as well as music and entertainment. There was also a cooking competition where people made meals from their country, so we tasted food from all over the world! I really enjoyed the Indian food, crepes, French mushroom pie, and many other things I can’t pronounce. Again, being cheap college students, Karolina and I took an extra plate of food up to my flat to have for dinner later. And it was delicious!

Later we walked down to the Pitt Street Mall and ventured around the Queen Victoria Building. A little too much shopping for me, but it was fun to walk down a new street (Pitt is parallel to George Street where we normally walk).

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