Day 35: Americans show Aussies how it’s done

I started my day with acupuncture, round 2! I was feeling better after last week’s session, so I figured I should go again to keep the blood flowing. This time they hooked the needles up to an electric stimulation unit to intensify the treatment. I’m always up for trying something new, and hopefully it helps!

UTS, being wonderful to their international students as usual, hosted an international exchange party at a bar down the street. A room full of International and Australian students drinking free beer always leads to a good time. They put this event together to have the Australian students going abroad next semester meet exchange students from the countries they are heading to. Of course there were plenty going to the US, and I made sure to give them all the info they needed! Only one girl is going to Sac State, and one other to San Francisco state. The majority are heading to North Carolina, San Diego, and Arizona. I gave them my two cents about the US and I spent a lot of time talking to Amy who is going to SF. I made sure to get everyone’s names and e-mail address to start a Facebook group for us. That way they can ask the US students any questions, and they can keep in touch when the go abroad. Maybe I’ll try to get some of them to show me around Sydney!

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