Day 34: Ridin’ through the CBD

I went for an interesting bike ride this morning. I headed out towards Glebe in the bike lane. As I got further, there were signs letting me know which way the bike routes were, so naturally I just followed them to see where it would take me. It was a nice ride, up and down some hills, and I ended up back at Blackwattle Bay. Since I was in a familiar area, I decided to go back over the Anzac Bridge to the city. It is a nice way to get my heart pumping, slight uphill getting on the bridge until the middle. Once I got into the city, I ended up riding by Darling Harbour and over the footbridge. I like that I can go for bike rides to one of the gems of Sydney on a regular basis. I continued to follow the bike lane signs, and rode through some of the downtown area. This is when it got hairy. I realised I was heading away from where I live, and then the bike lane just ended. I was stuck in the hustle of the CBD! Luckily I know my way around well enough that I managed to get home, but It took riding on some busy main streets and hopping up on the sidewalk for a while.

This week is the In-Fusions festival at Uni, celebrating cultures from all over the world. We heard there were some free bbqs and entertainment, so I gathered the group to head over there. Unfortunately by the time we got there not much was going on, but we did get some free tea (anything free makes us happy). I took advantage of being on campus and got some work done before class.

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