Day 33: Nothingness and TedTalks

Another late start this morning started my day on the wrong foot. As I struggled to get out of bed before 11am, I started my routine of self-pity for the lack of travelling I have done here so far. I have been here 1 month already and I have barely reached outside the Sydney’s city limits. What was I going to do about it? Looking up flights and travel options online seemed like a great way to avoid my homework. And then I realised I was doing the same thing I do everyday to waste time, I decided enough was enough! I went for a walk down to Uni and Chinatown to take care of business and clear my head.

When I got back I knew what I needed to do. Time to follow in my dad’s footsteps and set a timer to get things done. I always like to start with lists, and then get things done so I can check things off and start feeling like I’m accomplishing something. I should know how long my tasks should take, so hopefully it will prevent me from going off task. I can waste time on the Internet while looking up relevant information, but it still doesn’t help my productivity.

Another thing I am starting to do to help my well-being is stretching and exercising regularly. Next step is to start doing it earlier in the morning so I get my day rolling and started off right. In combination with stretching (and getting ready for bed for that matter) I’ve been watching TED Talks. Everyone I have watched has been truly inspiring and makes me re-evaluate my life every time. Today I revisited a quick talk, “Philip Zimbardo prescribes a healthy take on time.” He focused on “balancing time perspective,” where the optimal profile was being past-positive, future, and present-positive oriented. This really resonated with me. I need to stop thinking about what I have been missing and what I’m not doing right now, and concentrate my efforts on the great experiences I have had, how to make the most out of right now, and keeping my future goals a priority. I am on an once in a lifetime journey that I cannot take for granted, and I need to seize the day and reach for the future. Enough blogging for now, it is time to live my life! (and clean my room and do some homework 🙂

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