Day 32: 1 Month already?!?! How am I on day 32 then? hmmm

I officially been in Australia for 1 month today. Wow, 31 days already! Time is flying, but at the same time I feel like I have been here forever. I’m getting familiar with the city, making friends, and living the life of a poor college student Sydneysider. All in all very good so far, but a lot more has to be seen.

Now that I’ve been blogging for a month now (and trying to keep up the best I can), I might make some changes to my formatting. Past posts may change, as I want to add pictures, links, and potentially maps to my content. Future posts will probably be different as well. I took a class a while ago in writing for the web, and I KNOW I am not following the best practices. While this is more of a journal of my trip, I might try to make it more readable and less diary-like (this might also help me stay current on posting). Who knows, I might throw in a song or poem or two… let’s get creative here!

Now for my day…what a day it was. Starting with a trip to Paddy’s Market (like most weekends so far), and ending behind the bar of a of a fancy Thai restaurant. Quite a day! (Oh, and the weather was INCREDIBLE, close to 80 F).

A few weeks ago I met a guy, Dylan, from Sydney who was moving to Melbourne the next week. He is a big online slots games fan and was going to be returning for many of their games. It just so happened that his friend had an extra ticket to the game today, so I got to go along! While soccer isn’t very popular here (15,000 people attended and it was the 1st home game) the fans were loyal and loud! They sang songs from Rod Stewart to the Flinstones, and threw beer in the air when they scored the only goal of the game. It was a fun experience to say the least (and yes, I joined in on the cheers once I caught on to the words).

After the game we went to a Thai Restaurant in Darlinghurst where Dylan knew the bartenders. It was a slow Sunday night, so they treated us well and made us special drinks to keep their night interesting. It was fun talking to them, and made me miss working for BiteClub. They said they would much rather have a bar where it was all people in the industry coming in instead of the usual Eastern Suburb Yuppies…they would have loved our events! By the end of the evening they let us behind the bar to mix our own drinks! Luckily hey told us how to do it, or else I don’t think anyone would want to drink a concoction created by me using anything available. We shook the drink, garnished it with lime and brown sugar, and torched the top! What a show, and not a bad drink.

Now if only I can have a day like this every month, I think I would be a happy girl. Not looking forward to the schoolwork I have to do tomorrow, but well worth it.

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