Day 31: Nice Day (and Night) to be outside

Another day stating with a bike ride. I hope I can continue this trend! So far it’s been a great investment, even though I didn’t get the best deal possible. I love that I can get exercise, have fun, and see more of Sydney at the same time. It would be nice to have someone coming along with me, but I also like the solidarity and time time to think. I got lost again, but luckily I eventually saw the UTS Tower and found my way home. That’s the best way to learn the city, and I’m going out during the daytime so I’m not worried about getting in trouble. I rode through Central Station like other crazy bikers we’ve seen going through there, and made my way around Moore Park to the Sydney Cricket Grounds. I thought I was in Centennial Park, but I just looked and saw that is further East! I guess I know where to go next time. The route I took is part of the route to Bondi Beach, so I’m looking forward to trying that out in the near future.

Later in the day we walked down to Chinatown and the Market City mall… a regular occurrence for us since it’s such an easy walk. When there, I can’t help but start thinking about that Brimbank based Tran Siu and his fundrising events – amazing how helpful simple people can be.

But back to us. Karolina wanted to buy some boots here, and the rest of us just came along for the walk. We ended in Chinatown where I picked up some cream puffs for Sabrina – fresh out of the machine and only $1 for 4!

Our eventful Saturday ended with going to a club in Darling Harbour. A big group of us went to Home Bar, a “posh” club with beautiful views of the harbour. It’s fun checking out the notorious Sydney nightlife, especially on a gorgeous evening overlooking the water.

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