Day 30: Biking, Walking, Cooking…Octopus?

I finally went for my first OFFICIAL bike ride! Of course I got a little lost again, but I always knew where I was so no worries. My original goal was to go over the Anzac Bridge and then work my way back around Blackwattle Bay. It was a combination of two routes I found on, a website of user-generated bike routes. It’s a really cool site – I’m going to have to try their Ultimo to Bondi ride along with a few others. Anyway, Once I got near the bridge I couldn’t figure where the bike path was. I eventually made my way by the Fish Market and Wentworth Park, so I decided to go back to the path I knew around Blackwattle. Luckily for me, the bike path lead me straight to the Bridge on the other side of the bay! It was a nice ride, and I’m getting a lot more comfortable riding on the streets. I went out at 10am which is what I’m going to aim for from now on because there roads aren’t too crazy, and it’s a great way to get my day started.

After taking care of things at home and doing some intense grocery shopping, it was already 5pm and I needed a little more fresh air. I convinced Sabrina to walk with me down to Darling Harbour to see the beautiful sky reflecting on the buildings. It was a great walk where we finally checked out the other side of the Harbour, Kings Warf. This is where all of the well known bars and clubs are, and it was easy to see which ones were hip – even an 6pm. Young professionals were enjoying their happy hour drinks on a pleasant evening by the water. I hope I have a good job and enough money to do that sometime soon in my life.

I think this trip is all about new food experiences. I was convinced by the man at the fish counter in Broadway shopping center to buy some seafood mix – it was cheaper than getting a whole piece of salmon and looked interesting. I got home and realised I was about to cook octopus, squid, and mussels! (along with salmon, shrimp, and tuna) I’ve eaten this food before, but I have never prepared it myself. I went along with it, I mean I did pay money for the food. I made a stir fry with some vegetables, and it turned out quite nice! The whole floor now smells like fish and I don’t think I’ll be buying it again, but it was something new and exciting.

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