Day 28: Needles in My Back…in a good way

In my Information, Society, and Policy class today my group decided we would do our seminar on information literacy in Australia and Thailand. This should be an interesting topic and I’m looking forward to reading about the national policies. Probably another thing I will add to my research interests!

After class I went home, quickly showered, and headed to acupuncture! UTS has a a school of Chinese Medicine, and students can get treatments with 4th year students for only $20! Since my back is STILL bothering me, I figured I would take advantage of the good deal (and my dad the chiropractor I had been seeing from Tyler Chiropractic agreed). It was a great one hour session, complete with needles and a massage. I felt very relaxed after, and will probably make an appoint again for next week since I doubt I’ll feel better right away. (That’s how they get you! Go once and come back every week!)

Karolina and her flatmates in Gumal had a cocktail party, so we went over to partake in the fun. We are starting to develop a good group of friends, and it is always fun when those people bring in others to join in. It was nice and casual, and we decided that we’ll have to have everyone over to our flat sometime soon (except we don’t have a view of the city like them, or even a window).

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