Day 27: Schoolwork, Class, Pizza

Another uneventful day with class in the evening. I have been working on a group project for my Digital Libraries and Collections class that is taking up a lot of time. We have to participate in collaboratories, or discussion groups, about different topics regarding digital libraries. The first group has the topic of Technological Sustainability, and two of their group members are bombarding us with content! It is good they are giving us topics to discuss, but it requires A LOT of reading, then more reading, then responding. I am one of the only people not in the group participating, which should be good for my grade, but I have other work I need to do. We are the next collaboratory to go, focusing on Authentication of Digital Content, so I have just as much background reading to do before ours goes live.

It was nice to come back from class though to a Floor Party with free pizza! I didn’t socialise as much as I should have, but was tired and hungry and just wanted to cook my pizza and eat it too (which I did).

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