Day 26: Working bike on scary roads

Mondays seem to be my homework days, but that is pretty normal. No class, but catching up on work is always an imperative (even though I spend half of the time eating and the other half online…)

Later in the evening I rode my bike to the Nunnery to get some help fixing my bike. I looked up the route to get there, but I had to modify it a bit to stay on streets with bike lanes. Regardless, I got a little lost but finally made my way as dusk it. The people were nice and helped me fix my bike, teaching me about tightening the wires for the gears and adjusting the breaks. I was happy to leave with a better functioning bike, but definitely still only worth the $50 I paid for it.

The ride home was quite scary, because again I got lost, it was dark, and I was riding on more crowded streets. I looked up for the UTS Tower, finally realised where I was, and had to head back on the main roads so I wouldn’t get lost. Needless to say I’m not riding in the dark again.

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