Day 25: City2Surf, Bondi2Coogee

I have been bugging people all week about wanting to see the end of the City2Surf race. This is 14 km run from Downtown Sydney to Bondi that takes place every year. I would compare it to Bay to Breakers, but with a little less dressing up and no drunk people around. There were 75,000 participants, making it the “world’s biggest running event.” Vanish, Karolina, Sabrina and I took the train and bus to Bondi and saw the thousands of people at the finish line. I thought there would be more going on in the way of entertainment, but it was cool to see crowds of people.

After hanging out on the beach for a while (and taking a few jumping pictures), we decided to embark on the Bondi to Coogee Walk. Most people do it in the other direction (and we figured out why later), but we were at Bondi and wanted to see the coast. It was a beautiful walk along the scenic coastline. The sandstone that lines the ocean is gorgeous and I love looking out and seeing the only water in the distance. By the time we reached the cemetery (and got a little lost through the graveyard) we were starving and ready to be at the end. We huffed and puffed, but barely enjoyed the view for the last few coves as we were tired and ready to have some food. Regardless, the whole walk was beautiful, but it is a better view with more to do once you get to Bondi (again, which is why we did the walk backwards). Once we finally hit Coogee, we picked up some Subway and caught the next bus back to the city. Next time we’ll have to check out the town of Coogee more, as it looked like there is more to see, but not at the end of the weekend after a long and hungry walk.

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