Day 24: New Food Adventures

Another person from Westminster University arrived, Helen from Vietnam. She wanted to go to Chinatown to get Vietnamese food, and both her and Greg haven’t been to Darling Harbour yet. Another Saturday walking around the city sounded good to me.

We searched forever for a specific Vietnamese place, just to realise we passed it a while back. Finally we made it, and by then I was hungry and decided to take part in the cultural eating experience. I ordered the Special Beef Soup, and just followed Helen’s lead with everything she added. I figured I might as well do it right if I was going to try something new! It was a nice and spicy soup, filled with vegetables and fatty beef. Greg got the Spicy Beef, Oven Roasted Pork Chops, and Pork Soup, and was a little surprised by what it included. Hmm, what’s this? After Helen spoke with the waitress we found out it was BLOOD JELLY! Clotted blood cooked into an interesting chunk. He was pretty much done eating after that. I figured again, it was about the experience, so I tried it! It didn’t really taste like much, but I didn’t continue to eat the whole piece. I did eat something that looked like cartilage that was in my soup…pretty chewy and a weird texture. By the end I had a lot of soup left, so being the “hippy” I am, I took the rest home (and the rest of Greg’s) to eat later. (After taking out the meat and adding tofu it lasted another 5 meals!)

After eating we made our way once again to the beautiful Darling Harbour and enjoyed the sites. This time we also indulged in ice cream, because Greg wants to get it pretty much every time we are out (it’s beginning to be a bad pattern for me). But it was delicious, and I enjoyed every last bite (the sugar crash came later).

A friend we met recently moved to St. Leonards, a suburb in North Sydney. He was having a housewarming party, so we took the train over to see him. The party was small and intimate, but the best part was probably going on the train over the Harbour Bridge. If only they turned off the lights inside the train at night! We’ll have to do it again during the day to get the full scenic view.

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