Day 22: Walkin and Talkin

I woke up this morning and called Nicole to catch up with her after her trip down the Colorado River (jealous, I know). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love technology. It was nice talking to her and feeling like she was in Petaluma and I was in Marin. It feels like I never left. Expect that the Internet here SUCKS. As my dad said, “I thought you were at a technology school?” I thought so too. But it is so inconsistent, I can barely have a Skype call and usually end up calling back on my cell phone. Luckily I’m only paying $10 a month for the Skype, but it’s almost not worth it because the Internet always disconnects. Urggghhh!!! New item to on the list – find consistent free internet somewhere, preferably with nice scenery around.

Instead of sitting at my computer all day as usual, I went to Victoria Park to do some reading. Much nicer than in my room – I’ll have to go there more often. Karolina texted me about going on a walk later, so of course I took her up on the offer. I ended up taking them on the same walk we did on Sunday (I felt like a pro knowing my way around). It was again a very nice day, and we enjoyed the view of the Anzac Bridge right on the water.

Later that evening after class, I posted up in front of my computer researching graduate programs. I am unsure if I want to look at communication or information programs. Right now the combination of the two looks the most appealing, but I haven’t found one that stands out to me yet. Back to the drawing board!

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